Thursday, 14 August 2014

Sentient Toast

224. The world from the point of view of a sentient piece of toast.
Watercolour on paper
14.8cm x 10cm

Today I received a nice surprise in the mail:

Which was really nice, it was based on an earlier image a day piece about ideas and toast popping out of the toaster, it reminded me ( I have no idea why) of when I was a child and how when I'd eat certain food (particularly toast) and imagine it was a live being that I had caught and I was eating it and really there was a whole world of sentient food stuffs running about and we eat them because we didn't know they were sentient. thats messed up isn't it, I blame early 80s kids TV.  A big thank you to 
NelliePea Teatime for sending me a really cool hand made object :)

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